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Become a Hero!

AVIEL Hand Made are the newest members of the Holiday Heroes’ family. They will support our forthcoming drive by donations of 5 leva on each of their sales. Gregory Raymond, the company’s CEO, believes the goodness and kindness that we send out in the world are very important. In a feature video he explains that AVIEL Hand Made feel compassion for families in need and would like to collaborate with Holiday Heroes to help alleviate their situation.

AVIEL Hand Made is an exclusive, unique haute-couture hand-crafted jewelry brand. It is more popular in Western Europe, and now also in Bulgaria. Their outstanding attention to detail and focus on social causes has won over our hearts too.

On behalf of the thousands of disadvantaged Bulgarian families, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to AVIEL for their support.

See the whole interview with Gregory Raymond, AVIEL Hand Made‘ s founder and CEO, here:

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